Looking for a place to enjoy camping, hunting, ATVing and other outdoor fun. You found it! River Ranch is one the last places where a family can go and have fun enjoying the great outdoors. Whether you enjoy hunting, camping, ATVing, or simply taking in the great outdoors, this is the place! From the many family events to the Kids fishing pond, a Kids hunting area and the Playpen where everybody can have fun participating or just watching. There is something for everyone.
    River Ranch is comprised of approximately 48,000 square acres, roughly 70 square miles. The best part about River Ranch is that it is private property and there is a property owner's association setup to maintain and help improve your enjoyment of the property. You can see some of the upcoming events and learn a bit more about the property at RRPOA.net
    The property was setup and sold in the late 1960's by Gulf America Corporation as property to be best used for hunting, primitive camping and recreational use and that is what we still have today. You can not build your dream home here. Camps have to be kept movable. Trailers up to 40 feet long and 10 feet wide are allowed to be used. Electric is generator, solar, wind powered only.
    For over 30 years, participating River Ranch property owners have used what is considered a safe camping area. Instead of having camps all over the entire 70 squares miles, it was decided a safe camping area confined to aproximately 7-9 square miles would allow for better use of the hunting/riding areas. You do not want camps all over the 70 square miles. Members have always shared their property, which in turn gives us the ability to enjoy all the property.
   Membership to the RRPOA is $120 a year per person 16 years of age and older using a recreational vehicle. Memberships run from March 1st-Feb 28th of each year. Each paid member can purchase up to 2 guest passes, which run concurrent with membership. In order to get an assigned campsite, you have to own 1.25 acres minimum. The RRPOA suggests that 1-4 people or married couples can be on a 1.25 acre deed and only 1 person or 1 married couple can be on a .31 acre deed. The .31 acre deed gets you recreational use of the property and use of the temporary camping area, where what you bring out to camp with, must leave with you.
    We invite you come take a look at the property. We are available 7 days a week, (Saturday preferred) to show the property and answer any questions you may have. To see the property, please call (863) 307-0237 or email appt@polklots.com to schedule an appointment.
    Come out and help support and conserve Recreational Florida at it finest!


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Contact Phone:  863.307.0237

Contact email: sales@polklots.com

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